As a power source, we may use a lithium polymer battery that can be recharged.
Vibration mode includes a 10-speed vibrator, voice control, a tongue licker, and a heater.

The sex functions of male masturbation, such as vaginal stroking and tongue stroking, are very lifelike. This male masturbator cup mimics the feel of a real human vagina, making it ideal for a variety of sex experiences. The silicone inside makes it feel like like a lady. In addition to the ten vibration modes, there are also ten tongue licking modes. The tiny tongue can lick up to 690 times per minute while in sucking mode. The genuine tongue feel makes you impossible to stop the licking of your dick.

Authentic females — Oral sex and vaginal stimulation in one device, this male masturbator cup is designed to feel just like a real woman’s. The masturbation cup sleeve wraps around your cock in a full 360 degrees, and the silicone touch inside is like a genuine lady, so most men’s penises will react favourably. It works better if you lubricate it beforehand. The surprising delight of experiencing the true contact of a human body comes from the sensation of warmth and moistness.

Modes with intelligence — Enjoy a wide range of sensations with the aid of this high-end masturbation cup, which has ten vibration settings and ten tongue licking options. When you start using it, friction will cause it to vibrate, producing a seductive moaning sound. I mean, it’s not like your girlfriend isn’t right there with you.

Silicone and ABS
Dimensions Overall: 7.6 x 7.69 x 22 cm
Size of the silicone on the inside: 18cm

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