By adjusting the angle of your body during sex with this fantasy ceiling-mounted sex swing, you can have sex in an entirely new way. You can put yourself in any position and rock back and forth while having sex with your lover safely.

You already know how much fun the sex swing can be if you are familiar with it. It’s a terrific opportunity to add some variety to your sexual activities, try out some different positions, and experience more sensation.

The ceiling-mounted sex swing itself is made from nylon webbing that was designed to hold up to 500 pounds at once without breaking or tearing – even if it’s loaded down with two people! It can also support up to 300 pounds on its own without breaking or stretching out over time. This means it will hold up under heavy use without any problems

The best part about a ceiling-mounted sex swing is that it doesn’t require any complicated installation or other special equipment. It can be used in any location where there is an overhead support bar (which is most homes) and then it will simply attach directly to that bar with no effort at all.


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