The Pig Tongue Vibrators allow you to enjoy “Sucking and Licking Dual Pleasure”, according to the survey results found that toys that involve sucking and tongue licking are the most effective sex toys for stimulating women’s sensitive areas. These devices can also assist women in reach inconceivable levels of orgasm more quickly. In order to give customers a more perfect experience, this Tongue Vibrators combine these two functions into this Pig Tongue Vibrators to provide you with double stimulation

You have the ability to select any vibration and suction mode you like thanks to the powerful motor and the fact that there are up to six different settings to choose from. You can begin with the intensity low for foreplay, and then gradually increase it as you get closer to the orgasmic state. Stimulating your clitoris like actual oral sex for an experience that is even more pleasant than the sensation of having real sex may be.

This tongue toy for women is compact and easy to bring along with you wherever you go. If you travel, I believe that other sex toys must not have this tongue toy for more convenient and unique quiet design, no matter where you are You can enjoy the fun brought by this tongue vibrators for oral sex quietly everywhere

To level up your game, combine the sucking sex toys for women with licking vibrations and the thrusting sex toys with vibrations. You can use this silicone tongue vibrators on the neck, vaginal area, nipples, G-spot, anus and other areas , Skin -friendly materia is very soft, delicate and comfortable, making you feel more at ease

Pig Version:


100% brand new and high quality.

As a perfect gift for yourself or your love.

Daily water proof,easy to clean.

Mini Kawaii fashion design.
Material: Sillicon + AB

Color: Pink

Power: USB interface input.

Charge for half an hour and use for 1 hour. The pig nose indicator flashes while charging, and the indicator light is always on after fully charged.
Size: Mini

Mode: 6 Frequency

Extreme Mute: <50db

Package Contents:

1 * Tongue Vibrator
1 * USB Charging Cable(USB Charger Version Included)


Sex Toy for Couple




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