①. Gamepad design allows you to become the master of the thrilling game.

②. 9 thrusting & vibrating modes let you enjoy the distinctive integration concurrently.

③. 3D ultra-soft sleeve with stimulating nubs caresses every inch of your dick.

④. Skin-friendly TPE material guarantees the lifelike sensations and magnificent climaxes.

⑤. Visible window, strong ornamental, good concealment, easy to clean.

⑥. Craving a strong sense of conquest on a nice quiet night? Which means it’s time for a new hobby. Put your hands on its unique gamepad, slide your dick into the sweet portal, the horn is about to sound, and the journey is about to begin! With 9 thrusting and 9 vibrating modes, you are the master of this unusual climactic game. The fat entrance and tight channel will drive you crazy. It feels like alluring tongue is spinning around your dick. We’re sure it won’t be long before you start planning your next conquest.



Product Name: GALAKU-F1 Aircraft Cup.

Material: Silicone + ABS.

Product Category: Electric.

Frequency: 9 Frequencies.

Size: 26x 8cm.

Charging method: USB charging port.

Waterproof: IPX7.

Features: Intelligent heating, detachable handle.

2 in 1 function(telescopic + ibration): exercise your dick while masturbating.


Instructions for use:

1.Long press the start button, the indicator light will light up, short press to change the frequency, adjust the vibration frequency according to your own preferences, long press 3 seconds to shut down.

2.Charging: Connect the USB end of the product to the computer or adapter plug. The red light breathing indicates the battery is charging; when the green light is solid, it indicates the battery is fully charged. It is recommended to charge the product for 1 hour before first use.


About cleaning:

The liner and the host are connected magnetically. The inside of the liner is completely waterproof and easy to disassemble and clean. You just pull out the lining and clean it with detergent. When installing the liner after cleaning, remember to dry the magnetic end of the liner before installing it back on.


Installation assistant:

When installing the liner, place the side of the liner with the vibrator downwards, then extend the liner to the sleeve of the host until the head returns to position and fits, then shake the host hard to make the liner The magnetic end can be attached to the main unit.


Package Included:

1 Set Aircraft Cup(With Packing Box).

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