This beautifully designed, luxurious Purple Sucking Petals Massager boasts a vivid purple color, giving it a chic and elegant appearance that you will love.

Purple Massager Designed with skin-friendly silicone material, it can tease your itchy body extremely smoothly and bring you to climax in just a few minutes.Within a minute you will experience relaxation – tension – trembling, and you can’t help but blush! The tide surges until it reaches its climax

Petals Sensual Stimulator has multiple modes for both tongue licking and vibration. It can also stimulate the C-spot and G-spot at the same time to achieve double orgasm, making you feel as happy as flying into the sky!

Unique Stimulating Technology: Our Purple rose massager uses innovative sucking petal technology to mimic the natural feel of erotic stimulation. When the rose explores your clitoris, the tongue and vibrator on the vibrator can cleverly cooperate, so that even if you have never had a partner, you can experience your body’s hunger and satisfaction for oral and tongue love.

The size of this rose-shaped vibrating wand is specially tailored for Asian women. It won’t stretch out your intimate area, so even if you’re a beginner, you can confidently enjoy using it.


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