The Rosebud Adult Toy is a hands-free, multi-speed vibrator that will give you a new level of pleasure. Its powerful motor and soft silicone are designed to provide maximum sensation without any effort on your part. Simply slide in the clitoris stimulator, and you can directly Touch the female vagina, and let it work its magic!

Rosebud Adult Toy is the most powerful, yet quietest vibrator on the market. It’s whisper-quiet at 50dB (about the same volume as a small clock radio), so you can enjoy it anytime with no worry about anyone hearing it!

It’s also the only toy in its class to offer adjustable vibration speeds and patterns. This means that you can control the experience and get exactly what you want out of it! Whether you are playing solo or with your partner, Now you can have an incredible real-feel feel on your own!

The Vibrating rose-shaped anal plug is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the shower or tub as well as in bed. It’s quiet enough for you to use discreetly in public or under covers at home.

Soft clitoral stimulator for beginners easy to use: just adjust the speed control dial until you find just the right amount of vibration for you then press start!




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