If you’re feeling stressed from your busy work, consider trying our The Rose Personal Massager. It is only as big as the palm of your hand. Its potent suction technology can help you fully relax and enjoy a soothing massage experience.

Its working principle is to use pulsing air suction to strongly stimulate your clitoris to produce a feeling similar to oral stimulation, but this is not the most exciting. It is also equipped with a powerful motor imported from Germany, which allows you to try a variety of Different vibration modes make you more excited during use. This is why this Rose Personal Massager makes women crazy.

Secondly, Rose Personal Massager is made of silicone material, which not only makes you feel more comfortable during use, but also can be perfectly held in your hand and will not slip off easily even if you use it with lubricant.

The design of this rose-inspired toy draws on the elegance of roses, combined with soft tones. t is the most interesting “rose” style I have ever seen and is deeply loved by women.


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