The 4.7 Inch Blue Vibrating Wand is a simple and powerful vibrator that will fulfill all your needs. It is perfect for clitoral stimulation, internal stimulation and external vibration

The soft rounded tip of this 4.7 Inch Blue Vibrating Wand is ideal for G-spot or prostate massage while the strong wand vibrator stimulates your clitoris with deep, rumbly vibrations.

The waterproof silicone exterior is sleek and simple, with just one button to power up the vibe and cycle through the 10 vibration modes.

The Benefits of this 4.7 Inch Blue Vibrating Wand:

1) Sexual health benefits – Sex toys can be used as part of your sexual health routine to help achieve orgasm more easily and frequently. This can help improve overall sexual health as well as prevent issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction!

2) Couples benefits – Using sex toys together with your partner can increase intimacy between you two and make sex more fun for both of you! Try using them during foreplay or even during intercourse (if they’re compatible with


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