The Rechargeable Red Vibrating Wand that can be charged is an improved version of the original model. Its motor has been rebuilt, and the charging connector has been changed. Because of the new configuration, maintenance is now much easier.

This red vibrating wand, which is rechargeable, may be used both on dry land and in water, such as in the shower or the bathtub. It has 10 different tempos and designs to choose from. It can be washed, and it also holds up well after being put through the sex toy cleaning process.

User-friendly button interface that lets you easily modify the vibration intensity by pressing either a plus or a minus sign, as well as flip between several modes with the push of a single button. Both the silicone and the ABS plastic that were utilized in the construction of the rechargeable vibrating wand were found to be safe for use on human skin as well as non-toxic. Because silicone is impermeable but has a very smooth surface, you may use it with any kind of lubrication without worrying that it would get discolored. This is a toy that has very strong vibrations. The luxurious packaging comes with a satin pouch that may be used for storage purposes.

Acquire this rechargeable vibrating wand set if you want to spice up your sexual life with some added excitement. You are going to feel as though you need more of those frantic speeds and pounding feelings. It is not harmful to human tissue, it is rechargeable, and it may be used while showering. The choice that is head and shoulders above all others.


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