With the advancement of technology, smart products are gradually entering the field of sex toys, and our App Smart Automatic Male Masturbator is the best choice, especially for some men who feel bored by repeating a single manual masturbation every day. This Automatic Male Masturbator is undoubtedly a powerful tool to enhance your masturbation experience

This Automatic Male Masturbator uses advanced automatic suction technology and has an automatic twitching vacuum tube cavity inside to simulate the feeling of women’s private parts. At the same time, its vibration mode, frequency and rhythm can be controlled in real time by connecting to the App.

The material is made of ultra-soft medical-grade TPE material, and the inner wall highly realistically restores the texture of the mouth and vagina. The high-density design makes it flexible and can perfectly fit different sizes, giving you a truly unparalleled enjoyment.

The biggest advantage of using an Smart Automatic Male Masturbator is that you don’t need to spend too much physical energy. You can relax your whole body and focus on the accumulation of pleasure. Especially when you are tired or unwell, you can also get a completely relaxing and pleasant experience. No need to worry about hand fatigue, the duration is completely controlled by the machine.


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