Our Automatic Rotation Heated Male Masturbator Cup includes powerful sucking, vibrating, and heating functions, as well as extremely comfortable materials, these powerful functions can bring you a variety of exciting sensations. Unlike other toys that are either constantly rotating or simply thrusting mechanically, this men masturbation sex toy sucking you with 42° imitating the feeling of adult excited!


Automatic Rotation Heated Male Masturbator Cup With an inner quality motor, the powerful electrical vibration will drive your part almost completely insane, and the spinning will propel you to the culmination of your experience.The design of being portable and handheld makes it simple to switch between the modes. To your own satisfaction, perform this very operation in order to get twofold stimulation.

Experience the improved pleasant sensations provided by the heat, which gently wraps your penis for a feel that is even more realistic and comforting. The warming function makes the overall experience feel even more authentic to real life. A warming feature that is delivered through the Automatic Rotation Masturbator Cup gives one the impression of such and such. You can sense the warmth as well as the pulse and the surges. Work together to stimulate stimulating every sensory nerve on you, as if multiple tongues are continuously moving, while the automatic heating function of this Rotation Masturbator Cup will heat up to 42 degrees, exactly simulating the warmth that a woman experiences when she is stimulated.

Product information:

100% waterproof

Material: Silicone + ABS

模式:10 模式振动 + 3 模式吸








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