This Male Masturbation Cup is one of the best male masturbation products available today. It is designed to provide ultimate sexual pleasure and experience, by combining penis massagers with VR porn videos. With these features, users can explore their favorite sex methods with an immersive experience that will truly bring them to a new level of pleasure. Whether you’re looking for solo or mutual pleasure, Male Masturbation Cup has everything you need to make your next sexual experience an unforgettable one!

Name: Aircraft Cup

color: White

Material: ABS-TPE

Power supply: usb charging

Waterproof: life waterproof

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Current: 1000mA

Weight: 580 grams


electric sucking male masturbation cup features an integrated voice module that emits realistic moans and screams with each use, allowing you to customize the intensity and frequency of the sound . You can also pause or stop the voice by pressing a pause button, while the Explosion Mode gives you an extra frenzied feeling when you click pause. With its adjustable speed settings, this automatic male masturbation cup gives you complete control over your sexual experience – each time offering … something fuller and more intense than before.

As an international supplier we can provide quality transportation services to ensure your sucking vagina male masturbation cup arrives safe and sound. With our reliable transportation services you can rest assured your silicone male masturbation cup will arrive time and safely. the large selection to of couple sex toy ! Whether you’re looking for a single silicone male masturbation cup or bulk orders, we have the perfect solution for all your needs.


The numbness vibrates, and there is a sense of suction inside.



Satisfaction of hot package, can be heated



The girl’s sweet moaning sound, the faster the frequency, the louder the happier. frequency end sound,

The slower the sound, the softer it is.



She likes you, you don’t have to worry about anything, just leave it to her.



Four-dimensional stereo sound

Satisfy the audio-visual dual experience

Full live recording

Restore the live experience



Let’s go to the bottom of it,

Squirm to the depths while sucking, wrapping the experience.

The suction is strong enough to see and touch the stimulation



Strong sense of authenticity




Sex Toy for Couple




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