The kegel ball should be given some lubricant.
Open your legs, calm down your vagina, and gently insert the ball.
Following that, you can engage in physical activity like walking, swimming, or housework. As you move, the metal ball will bump onto the interior surface.
After washing it with soap and warm water both before and after usage, let it air dry naturally.
Start with a little ball and work your way up to a medium and a large ball.
I advise using it for around 30 minutes each day at first; after a month, you can switch to a larger ball.


best adult sex toy.
Waterproof construction, perfect for use in the bath.
smooth surface that feels touchable.
Luxury and noble design require ladies.
No-odor, high-grade medical silicone substance.


These balls are produced in the truest Geisha ball tradition. They are mass-produced, stimulating, and exciting.
Their surfaces’ intimate massage-like vibrations, whether gentle or strong, are felt.
Your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles will get a workout using Geisha Lastic Balls, which will also elevate your sex life.


Sex Toy for Couple


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