Presenting our Metal Ben Wa Balls were created for the contemporary, health-conscious lady who places a high priority on her intimate well-being. They are the ideal fusion of pleasure and exercise.

These Ben Wa Balls are silent and covert, which is one of their distinguishing qualities. They are perfect for everyday usage because they are practically silent while worn and smoothly integrate into your regular activities. These balls optimize your intimate fitness while you are working, performing chores, or just sitting quietly in the background.

These metal Ben wa balls include an elastic withdrawal strap that was created with your comfort and security in mind. Your interaction with these balls will be hassle-free and delightful thanks to this considerate feature that guarantees secure removal.

The degree of customization this metal ben wa balls gives is what really makes it stand out. You are allowed to mix the balls of various weights any way you choose. These balls can accommodate your demands whether you’re a novice just beginning your personal fitness adventure or an experienced user seeking for a more challenging workout. The silicone casing makes it simple to put them in and take them out as required, giving you the freedom to personalize your experience.

Additionally, the metal ben wa balls‘ gently swinging interiors provide a persistent source of stimulus, slowly toning your muscles even throughout routine daily motions.


Color: Purple,Pink,Black
Size: As shown
Weight: 32g,50g,62g
Material: Medical Silicone,Metal
Internal Structure: Built-in Metal Balls
Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
Features: Tensile
Applicable People: Adult Women
Boby Massager: Vagina,Anal
Function: Do exercise for vagina,Make the vagina tighter.


Sex Toy for Couple


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