A Wearable Insertion Vibrating Egg is a new kind of sex toy for female masturbation, which can be used as a couple of sex toy, such as during intercourse or foreplay. The Insertion Vibrating Egg is connected to a wireless remote control that allows you to control its speed and intensity with just the push of a button. This means that you will be able to stimulate yourself or your partner from anywhere within 10 meters! remote control vibrator long distance also waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bathtub!


Multiple Modes of Vibration Settings

There are multiple modes of vibration settings for you to choose from when using remote control wearable insertion vibrating egg. You can choose from continuous vibration mode or pulsation mode, depending on what feels best for you at that moment. You can also change the speed at which they vibrate at any time while using them!

Our Wearable VIBRATOR is ergonomically designed with 10 adjustable frequencies, increasing the number of discreet remote control vibrator will heighten the sensation and make it easier to achieve orgasm. This will increase your enjoyment of masturbation and enhance your sexual experience to new heights.

Vibration Feature

1. 10-Frequency Vibration: The 10-frequency vibrations make it easy for women to reach orgasm during foreplay or sex.

2. Life Waterproof: You can wear this vibrator in the bathtub at any time and let it stick to your clitoris to make you feel amazing!

3. <45db: With its rather silent motor, no one will hear it when you use it at home or outside of the home!



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