this High-powered Vibrating Egg is a wonderful couple’s sex toy. It can be used by both men and women. When you are in a crowded place with your partner, you can use this vibrating egg to have some fun. This is a very powerful vibrator that can be used anywhere without being noticed by others. It is also wireless which means that you can control it from anywhere.

This Remote-controlled vibrating egg has many features that make it very convenient for people who want to enjoy their time alone or with others. The first feature is its ability to be controlled from a distance of up to 10 meters away using a remote control that comes with it. This means that you will not have to worry about controlling your device manually if you are in public places like restaurants or theaters. You can just use the remote control and enjoy yourself completely without worrying about making any noise or attracting attention from other people around you,

The wireless remote control is easy to use, just press the button on the remote control to start or stop the vibration and adjust the speed of vibration by pressing the button repeatedly until you reach your desired speed. You can even change the direction of the vibration by pressing the button repeatedly until you reach your desired direction. You will love the vibrating egg when using it! With this high-powered vibrating egg in your handbag, you can easily carry it anywhere you go!

The remote-controlled vibrating egg is equipped with 10 strong vibration modes to choose from and enjoy your favorite mode. Each discreet egg toy is equipped with a silicone cord to help you operate and exercise easier and cleanly.




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