Learn about the remarkable advantages of the kegel ball for beginners, a flexible and useful Ben Wa Ball for strengthening the pelvic floor and engaging in sexual activity. This kegel ball for beginners was made with comfort and quality in mind, making them ideal for novice users.

Everything you require to get started on the path to stronger pelvic muscles is included in the Vagina kegel ball. The package is expertly made, making it a great choice for gifts. You’ll discover simple-to-use balls inside that offer a variety of weight combinations so you can customize your workout to your needs and advance at your

Easy insertion and removal are guaranteed by the user-friendly design, and you can carry the balls everywhere you go thanks to the supplied pouch. The premium materials provide adequate hygiene and make cleaning simple. The kegel ball for beginners’ adaptability enables a variety of functions, from boosting closeness during sex to offering a pleasant feeling during regular yoga sessions. own speed.

erchandise Description

1.High Grade Silicone – High food grade silicone is used to create the sleek, ridged exterior of these Kegel exercisers.
2. Piece Kegel Balls of various weights.S:42g,M:68g
3. Item size:L balls are L200mm*D30mm and S balls are L140mm*D33mm.
4. When you roll weights within, they vibrate naturally with each motion, stimulating your vagina.
5. Watertight to a 100%.
6. Cleaning: The vibrator needs to be cleaned right away after use. Warm water and soap can be used, along with a disinfectant and specialized detergent.








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