This Wearable Vibrating Egg is the size to wrap around your clitoris effortlessly, and you can put it in your underwear for maximum pleasure anytime, anywhere, with its cleverly molded tip sending pulses of pleasure directly to your jewel.

Another advantage of this wearable vibrator for women that other sex toys do not have is its customizable vibration function, you can set the vibration intensity to the level you want, which ensures that you can get it every time you use it Maximum fun.

If you have a partner, this Wearable Vibrating Egg also has near and far control, tease your partner anytime and anywhere, add some fun to your pleasure, this remote control wearable vibrator is ergonomically designed to stimulate your All erogenous zones, and he uses a streamlined invisible design, even if you wear it in public, it will not be noticed by anyone

And this remote control Wearable Vibrating Egg does not produce any sound, so even if you use this sex toy in public, no one will know what you have done


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