If you are looking for a set of Ben Wa balls that are waterproof, then we can definitely recommend this Silicone Ben Wa Balls Sex Toy. The silicone material used in this Silicone Ben Wa Balls Sex Toy is not only very soft but also comfortable to wear, so it conforms to your body’s contours as you move around during play!, so that you will not cause any irritation or chafing during use

They are also used as an aid to kegel exercises to help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can help to prevent bladder control issues like incontinence and prolapse. They are often used by women who wish to strengthen their pelvic muscles. so use them during intercourse or masturbation as a different sensation for your partner. And Regular use of the Ben Wa Balls Sex Toy can help increase your vaginal clamping force, providing a tighter and more pleasant experience during intercourse.

So For best results, use the Ben Wa Ball every morning and evening for 30 minutes on each side. Your partner will love this sex toy more and more


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